I have done projects in branding, digital, illustration, and writing.  If you would like to discuss a project, please email me!  I am nice!

My email address is peter.wieben@gmail.com



Foreign Terrorist Fighters Knowledge Hub, 2017

The Knowledge Hub was presented at the meeting of the Global Counter-Terrorism Task Force at the United Nations in New York in September 2017. It is an application which allows governments to collaborate on counter-terror research and information sharing. My roles were Art Director, Project Owner, and Branding Director; with the brilliant team at Vignette Interactive for UI/UX, conceptual and development.


Kid Tiger, 2017

Kid Tiger is a children's clothing brand based in the United States.  Each shirt is shipped with a mini-book that educates the child about the subject of the shirt.  Concepts developed so far include "Friends to fight for," featuring endangered species, "Let's Learn Science," featuring popular science topics, and "Possibilities" aimed at sparking each child's creativity.  I am the Creative Director for Kid Tiger.

Cairo 2013

Cairo 2013


Prague 2015

Prague 2015



Nūn Center, 2011-2015

Nūn Center is a holistic health center in Cairo, Egypt.  Specializing in yoga, nutrition, and massage, Nūn needed to tell their story in a very tense atmosphere following the Egyptian revolution.  We were able to flip that situation around to offer a place of relaxation and community by starting Cairo's first farmer's market, offering first aid workshops, and communicating the brand using organic, hand drawn communications. When read upside down, the logo reads as "Nūn" in Arabic. I did the founding branding work and was Marketing director of Nūn from 2011-2015.

Side note: The man in the top picture was also my kung-fu instructor.  That's not relevant to the designs, I just wanted to mention that I do kung-fu.

Seattle, 2016

Seattle, 2016



EconoWin, 2011-2017

EconoWin is a project of GIZ across the Middle East and North Africa.  The aim is to promote and support women in the workplace.  I have worked with them on branding over the years, as well as on their digital projects.

Amsterdam, 2016

Amsterdam, 2016



The Bomb, for the Tribeca Film Festival, 2016

The Bomb, for the Tribeca Film Festival, 2016



Soma Bay Marina, 2015

Soma Bay is a premium resort on Egypt's Red Sea.  This logo was based on their primary identity, a conch shell.  The logo was requested as a basis for signs, flags, and other communications.

Freedom Education Project, Puget Sound

The Freedom Education Project is a program which helps inmates achieve a college education.  I did the initial branding.

Machine Party, 2015

Machine Party was a startup project to revolutionize the way industrial companies buy parts.  Billions of dollars worth of gears, screws, and steel is sold every year, and Machine Party was a social networking application that allowed companies to buy and sell parts online. I was the Design Lead for this project. We ended up with more than 2 million USD worth of "meeps"-- our term for part requests.

US Embassy, Cairo, Egypt

I worked with the US Embassy in Cairo after the Egyptian revolution.  We started by creating a new logo for their online presence, then worked together on two campaigns.  The first was a singing contest called Sing! Egyptian Women! The second was a video contest to find Egypt's hidden heroes called Untold Stories. The campaigns were both a lot of fun and very successful, helping to grow the outreach of the embassy significantly and solidify their role promoting their values in Egypt.

Dayma, Egypt

Dayma is an education program that teaches students about Biomimmicry.  Students go on amazing journeys and learn about ways to save water, invent new products, and live sustainability all by watching how animals live in nature.