Flowers & Garbage is an investigation of homelessness in Seattle, USA. When I started the project, I planned to visit my sister in Seattle, becasue she was homeless and I wanted to learn about this life.  The story changed after I worked on it, and now it is also about prescription medication, class, and  families in the United States.  It is about the way things used to be, and the way things will be in the future.  It is about jobs and the slowly collapsing sense that things will turn out okay in the end.

It is part journalism and part art.  It is not made up. It is meant to be hopeful, and all characters are meant to be redeemed in the end. The author believes that all people shown in this story are good people.

If you click on the pictures below you will find the parts of the story.  Hate mail for poor execution, bad drawings, misspellings, etc. can be sent to


Peter, 2016