One problem that cut the economy in half

The challenge:

What happens when half the people in a country don't work?  Which single problem is responsible for losing economies 25 billion dollars annually, and cutting short millions of dreams?  In many countries, women are simply not supported to enter the workforce. In the Middle East and North Africa, women often do not receive the mentorship, professional training, and institutional backing needed to launch their careers.  This means that they either don't enter the workforce, or don't reach their full potential.  

GIZ, the outreach organization of the German government, wanted to change that. 


The solution:

GIZ wanted to create an initiative in the Middle East to encourage women to work, and support their journeys.  We were brought in for branding and to assist with campaigns.  The brand needed to speak to the promise of bringing women into the workforce while remaining sensitive to the cultural context of the Middle East. It also needed to be broad enough to cover a number of programs and initiatives, so a color code was implemented to help organize what soon became a vibrant and growing operation.


ANA-HUNNA, or "I am here" was the first campaign.  Initially launched as a film festival, ANA HUNNA used the power of story to inspire local audiences about women's potential in work and life. Films were accepted from directors across the region, and a curated festival was shown at pop-up theaters in four countries.  

The Gender Diversity Competition, targeted at business leaders, helped raise awareness about working women, and provide examples of great success stories. EconoWin inspired businesses to provide resources for female employees such as family leave and mentorship.  The project was such as success that it later partnered with 20 professional organizations in the region to expand its reach.

EconoWin was set up as a central hub, and the brand was expanded to coordinate and capitalize on the success of the international campaigns.



What started as a relatively small operation caught on like wild fire.  

Campaigns like ANA-HUNNA soon became programs unto themselves.  The reach of the organization expanded into business organizations, individual mentorships, and partnerships between companies in the Middle East and companies in Europe. EconoWin is now established as a successful initiative with offices in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, and Jordan.